Enrichment Classes

Variety and Fun!

CVH offers a wide variety of enrichment classes to our members. These can range from things like book clubs, science, music and art, archery, robotics, chess, mountain biking, cooking, drumming, hiking, Lego engineering, and so much more! Each session our volunteers on the Class Committee work hard to find excellent teachers to offer fun and educational enrichment classes for our members.

Wednesday Classes

Although homeschooling offers so much freedom, sometimes it is still fun and beneficial to have a classroom experience with other children. Each Wednesday, we hold many classes for different age groups of children. This gives homeschool kids the chance to still learn exciting and fun things in a casual environment without the pressures of a traditional school. This year, we will be offering classes at the Oak Park Community Center, in Oak Park. There are spacious classrooms indoor with large windows for light and fresh air, as well as classes that can be offered outdoors. The grounds are lush and beautiful, and there is even a duck pond on the property! 


CVH members are encouraged to sign up for as many classes as they like, and each has a separate fee depending on the class. We conveniently offer sign ups at each of our Park Days for our members, as well as posting a complete listing of all classes in our CVH member newsletter. 


This year, we will be holding our enrichment classes at the Oak Park Community Center. It is a beautiful facility with incredible indoor and outdoor spaces, large open classrooms with plenty of windows and fresh air, and lots of room for everyone.